Our Services

Our Services

Here at CNTEL we are group of creative and technical people, offering you a variety of Production and Post Production services using high-tech facilities to produce quality creative content that will connect you to your audience and let them know that whatever you have to offer is worth their time.

Video Content

A well produced video with a powerful message is the strongest form of communication. We are equipped to handle every stage of your production process in order to provide you with a finished video of the highest quality.


Creating a quality audio piece requires professional pre- and post-production skills. We deliver an all-encompassing audio production process : not only do we provide you with in-studio talent direction, but we also assist in choosing the right voice talent, music and sound design to your TV, Radio and Online Advertisement.


Whether it’s for an event, an information video or an Online Advertisement, we create eye-catching 2D and 3D animation videos that engage your audience and convey your message effectively.